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Hello world!

It happened! A few days ago I came in here and all my pictures were gone, can you believe it?! All the pictures from the blog were gone! I said ''no way!'' I almost freaked out haha. But than I realized that it´s not the end of the world, in situations like this we need to stop and breath, the funny part is that this situation didn´t steal my joy at all. My friend is a web designer and he helped me to restore almost all the pictures, thank God! :)

You will see the blog a little bit different, a few posts are not showing the pictures, the design is different and a few things that I wrote are a little bit crazy, please forgive me, at least we are fixing the problem right? :) Anyway, In this picture I am showing you guys this cool braid that I was wearing this weekend, and yes, I know that my hair is a little bit messy. Messy hair, don´t care! :)


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11 comentários

  1. Thats is a bad luck! :) But keep going! :)

    Thank you for your comment at my blog.

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Let me know! :)


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  2. This happened to me once. I was devastated, but I realised that the photos weren’t all that great so it made me redo some blog posts with better photos & content. I look at it as a blessing in disguise haha I’m glad you were able to get most photos back & that you didn’t lose sleep over it.


    1. Thank you! And I´m glad you solved your problem as well! :)

  3. So happy it worked out!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

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  5. This is a very cool braid, I wish I could be so talented as to do that, but I can only do side braids, not on the top. Well done, that looks great! So sorry about the photos, and so good your friend could restore some! It is really so annoying when things like this happen, I hope all is well now and yes, keep the positive attitude, I liked it! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Denise! I´m reallly into braids lately! Thanks for your support! :)

  6. Oh i hope everything went weel in your blog.
    Anyways, you are right it's not the end of the world.
    I remember just few months ago my blog is deleted and that just give me depression a lot but after that I just realized i can come up with a new one and move on on what happen

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    1. Yeah, there´s always hope in the end of the road, right? Thanks for your support! :)