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We have a cloudy and rainy Tuesday, after long days of hot weather the rain came down, finally! I love Sunshine days but sometimes all we need is a little bit of rain to get inspired. I am a nature lover, one minute looking at the Sky can make feel great, yes, this is me, don´t judge! lol. Anyway, I love how colors can lift our mood, that´s why I´m wearing shimmering pink on my nails, Pink is one of my favorite colors, gotta love pink! :)

In my last post I shared with you guys my thoughts of the day, I started doing this on youtube and I kinda miss the youtube thing, I´m here thinking, I want to start recording more videos to share here with you guys, what do you think? Any ideas? Please let me know. I´m glad you guys feel inspired with my thoughts, It makes my day to see that you guys find inspiration here.

I wish you all a lovely day!


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7 comentários

  1. Maybe share nail polished, your mood during the day, things that you learn, a bit about your life and day! I like rain too, because it is good for nature, true! By the way, I love pink nail polishes! They look so feminine!

  2. Beautiful shade! Pink is also my fav colour. I think its a great idea to start recording again :)

    Keisha xo

  3. I love that shade of pink, it juxtaposes well with the sky! I wish it rained here more often too. I would love to see you get back with YouTube, it seems like a more personal way of sharing your feelings!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  4. Great pink color!

  5. what a wonderful color i love pink!!!
    i love this colour!!!
    visit my new post

  6. Such a lovely post and how gorgeous is this colour!! I love it :)

    Layla xx