12:33:00 PM

Hello world!

It´s Friday! Yay! We all love Fridays, right? Anyway, Lately I´ve been loving delicate pieces like these rings that I´m wearing, can´t get tired of them! :) And today I want to share my thoughts of the day with you guys:

- We all make mistakes, don´t panic! We are humans!
- Do your best to make people around you happy.
- Surround yourself with good vibes and positive people.
- Enjoy what you have.
- Smile, leave your worries behind.
- Remember, the Sun shines on everyone!

Happy Friday!


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8 comentários

  1. I loved your rings, especially the one in the middle (finger. Really such a cute ring!) It's so true, we shouuld try to spread happiness and surround ourselves with people with genuine good vibes and hearts! Hope you have a very beautiful weekend!

  2. I really love those ring, they're so beautiful, feminine and dantie.
    Have a good day! xx (I've written a recent post with possitive vibes as well, check it out if you fancy ^^)

  3. Nice ring! I hop you have a nice week!

  4. Beautiful photographs, I love the rings and thank you for sharing these lovely inspirational thoughts. Just what I needed to read on a Sunday evening before starting the new week :)

    Camille xo

  5. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

    Your dainty little rings look so pretty together :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. Love your small rings! And thanks for sharing the positive thoughts with us! Yay! :)
    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose