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Whenever you want to talk about Nail Polish, I will always be here for you haha. I am sharing in these pictures a few pink Nail Polishes that I have and I must confess that I never get tired of wearing these kind of shades, I mean, Pink is one of my favorite colors, I just can´t get enough of it! I am receiving questions about what kind of shades that I´m wearing in my previous posts, so today I will tell you guys three shades that I´m wearing lately and that I love it!

Shades of Pink that I´m wearing on my nails lately:

- Colorama - Puro Glamour:  This is such a gourgeous shade of bubblegum pink, It´s on repeat these days.
- Colorama - Sexy:  It´s a lovely and sexy shade, If you´re a romantic girl just like me you will love it.
- Revlon Bubble Gum: This shade smells like Bubble Gum and I am seriously in love with this shade!

So this is it, I hope this post answered all your questions about the shades of pink that I´m wearing lately, and I hope you guys like this post!

Happy Wednesday!


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15 comentários

  1. I have a light pink in constant rotation right now too!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. I think every polish I own is a shade of pink! I love pink!

    Keisha xo

  3. Very pretty!! I love revlon nail polishes!

    Raashi I

  4. wow love the shade, nice post.

    mind checking my blog?

  5. Lovely pink nails :)
    Gemma xx

  6. Cool maybe will try :)

  7. so many fun shades of pink! you can never go wrong with finding the perfect shade :)

  8. hy darling great post! i love pink nails, i have to try the Revlon in bubble gum:)
    thank u for sharing with us...a big kiss

  9. I also like to wear pink nail polish. It's my favorite color! Have a nice weekend!


  10. So cute! I need to get me one of these
    -Adi xxo

  11. Pink is one of my favourite colors to wear in the spring and summer, pretty shades you picked!

  12. I like pink and pink nail polishes! I am wearing a pink shade now, actually! I would love to try this Revlon Bubble Gum, because of the color and the scent :) Your nail color now looks nice!

  13. Love pink nail polishes! It's my favourite color in spring and summer.