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Good morning world!

How was your weekend? Mine was really busy, you know those kind of days when you have lots of things to do at the same time and you don´t know where to start? This is what´s happening to me lately, I know what I have to do but I need to organize my schedule, I know, I already told on my previous posts that sometimes I can be clumsy haha. Anyway, Today I am showing you guys this stunning braid, I don´t know If you agree with me but this braid is so pretty! Stacked braid is my new fave. When you don´t know what to do with your hair or your having a bad hair day, wear braids, You can go from a mess to a beautiful and modern look. :)

Today is Monday, If you´ve been following along you know that I have a love affair with Mondays haha, don´t ask me why, but I do love Mondays, to me is a good day to make some projects, dream ( why not?) and take a few projects out of the paper, is this making sense at all? I don´t know but the point is, starting the week with a positive attitude, hoping and knowing that the best is yet to come!

Happpy Monday you guys! And don´t forget to work on some projects that you´ve been waiting for a long time, don´t be scared of the unkown, start today, sometimes it takes baby steps to achieve what we want but totally worth It!

Ps: Thanks for your lovely comments, It always brightens up my day!


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12 comentários

  1. Your hair looks stunning!
    I know what you mean by busy! My work is always busy plus being a mother, it never ends. I love relaxing whenever I can! :)


  2. Happy Monday! Loving your awesome stacked braid. #skills

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. My weekend was really good! Happy Monday to you too!
    Loving this hairstyle!

    Anna Czarina Blog

  4. Gorgeous hair style, I love the layering! Happy Monday to you too :)

    Rachel xo

  5. You have good hair length, the braid looks so amazing on you. Have a great day ahead!

  6. You have a great outlook on Mondays! :)

    Your stacked braid is awesome too! I've never seen this style before but you wear it well :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. Wow, this is amazing! Hoping I can do this with my hair too <3

    SHAIRA // New post

  8. This is a super pretty braid! I've also been having super busy weekends! It's like ahh I need to get out of bed and start being productive but it's so overwhelming and I just want to hide haha :) xx

  9. Hello! I am back, sorry for my absence, due to a long trip, when I don't use computers very much! I loved the braid, how have you done it, it's amazing!!!! I really really loved it, you look so sweet and beautiful! Hope you are fine!

  10. This braid is stunning! I've never seen it before.