8:37:00 AM

Good morning world!

How are you guys doing today? I hope everything is alright and that you are ready to start the week with positive vibes. Anyway, on today´s post I am sharing something quick, simple and that I love so much, everytime I buy a new nail polish It makes me happy haha, silly but so true! I´ve said It a thousand times, so If you´ve been following along, you probably know that I am a nail polish addict, this is so me, going to the drugstore, grocery store, or any kind of store that has beauty products and search for the new nail polishes that are there. Sweet temptation! :)

To start this Sunny Monday I am sharing some Nails Inspo with you guys, btw this is such a beautiful day, nothing like a Sunny day to start the day with a happy heart!

Happy Monday!


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4 comentários

  1. Great colour and pictures! :)


    Claire from Dresscape

  2. I'm still learning to love nail polish (it's been taking me a while). This was some great inspiration! Thanks!


  3. Beautiful shade!

  4. Gorgeous colour! I fully understand as buying lipsticks makes me happy!
    xo yvonne