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Hello everyone!

It´s Sunday, we are having a great weather here, Since winter is gone the temperatures are increasing, even though It´s really hot here today, this weather reminds me why I love tropical countries so much, we always have Sunshine days and the nights are really magical, I just love feeling the breeze when the night comes, while I write this I´m with a happy face here :). Anyway, I usually like to write my posts on the week, but I just felt to be here with you guys today and as you can see, due to my crazy life (One day I´ll write a post explaining everything about It) I´m with no time to take new pictures, lack of new pictures It´s the worst thing that can happen in a bloggers life, total fail, right? But I will do my best to take new pictures and share new thoughts and new adventures with you guys, and this subject reminds me why I´m here, I mean, I really like blogging and share little moments of my life with you guys, I just love writing and It´s so cool to get to know other bloggers too, to read your blogs as well. So while I write this, I´m here thinking, don´t do things just because everyone else is doing It, do something because you like It and because It brings good things to your life, in my case It´s a pleasure to be here, to write stuff, even though It´s just silly stuff, It really brings joy to my heart. So, no more words for today I guess haha, I hope you are having a good day so far and that you do things because you love and not because you want to please people. :)

Be safe and be happy!


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4 comentários

  1. So glad you are enjoying yourself. Sounds great!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Cute post!

  3. Love your positive vibes! Have a great day!


    Claire from Dresscape

  4. Your thoughts sound great. They're full of positive vibes!