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How are you guys doing? I had an amazing weekend and I´m ready to start the week with good and positive vibes! :) We are having a cloudy day here and It´s pouring down rain, even though I love a Sunshine day I am really loving this weather, miracles happens! haha. Well, on today´s post I am sharing with you guys these stunning dresses from Aile Style Uk, they are a online fashion store of prom dresses, evening dresses, weddidng dresses and they also have dresses for special ocasions too. These ones that I´m sharing on this post is one of my favorites, even though It´s really hard to choose one because they are all so beautiful, you can take a look at their website and see some Uk prom dresses too. I have a thing with long dresses, this is why when I think about prom the first thing that comes in my mind is long prom dresses, I think that long and maxi dresses are really romantic and beautiful, in other words, totally me. The forth black dress that I´m sharing here is from the section of backless prom dresses and I love It too! As you guys can see, I always choose black or pink dresses, even though I like to wear different shades and colors too, I always choose these colors because they are my favorite colors and I know I´ve mentioned this a thousand times before but I´m saying again just to explain why you always see pink and black on this blog , please don´t judge. ;) Anyways, they aslo have long sleeve prom dresses, take a look at their website, If you see something that you love I would love to read about It. So that´s It for today, I hope you guys liked this post!

I wish you all a lovely day!


* Thanks Aisle Style Uk for sponsoring this post

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21 comentários

  1. Pretty!

    Love, Lindsey

  2. Nice suggestions. prefer the Pastel pink one...
    Vettae | So Velvet

  3. Beautiful dresses! Kisses

  4. Lovely post! I love black dresses, especially the backless design! Thanks for sharing.

    xxxx from Emily //

  5. I haven't heard of this brand before but their dresses are so beautiful! x


  6. NIce dress. I love the look. Really lovely pictures.

  7. You pick really nice dresses! <3


  8. Love these prom dresses! So chic!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  9. These dresses are so elegant! I love the style and timeless look :)

  10. Good dresses!
    What you think about follow each other?
    Follow me, let me know and I follow you ^__^

  11. Now I wish I could do prom all over again haha! Have a lovely weekend :)

  12. White is perfect for fall! Anyone can pull off white colour which is even better <3 Loveee the outfit btw!

  13. They are all very nice!!!

  14. Such pretty dresses! I love the backless black dress!
    Julia x

  15. These are amazing and pretty dresses list. I Just love it.