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Hello world!

These pictures were taken on Sunday, It was such a beautiful day but the weather was so hot that I could barely breath, I promise I´m telling you the truth, I was trying to get some fresh air. It´s so hot that I am dreaming to go to the beach. This is a super casual look, my hair was messy and when I´m having a bad hair day the only solution that comes in my mind is to wear braids or buns and trust me It works, If you´re having a bad hair day too choose to wear braids or buns at least It won´t look like your hair is awful, in my case my hair was a total nightmare on Sunday but this braid helped to look like It was just messy haha.. As you can see this is a casual look, I always like to wear neautrals like black, white, grey,, etc... But for hot weathers we can get out of our comfort zones and wear colors and fun prints all together. :)

I hope you guys are having a wonderful week!


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5 comentários

  1. That is such a beautiful hairstyle! Wish I could braid my hair like that. Have a lovely week! <3


  2. Wow love the hair style looks gorgeous.xox

  3. Such a beautiful hair style!

  4. wow i love the shades in your hair and this braid is gorgeous, love making it on mine!

  5. Hair goals right here! i wish I can do a long braid like this, my hair will end up not holding or it will look horrible!

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