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Hello lovelies!

Monday is here and I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! My weekend was great, I was totally enjoying our cold weather here but on Sunday the temperatures started changing again and It´s no surprise at all that the weather was super hot haha I was kinda sad to see hot weather again, but anyways, I guess I need to forget that the weather here will never change, Summer all year long, I love It but sometimes It´s too much sun if you know what I mean. Well, on today´s post I am sharing this kind of look that I´m wearing over and over and I am totally loving It! Romantic waves or beachy hair,or wavy hair, you name It. This is my go-to look for any ocassion, If you´ve been following along you already know that I am always changing my hair and my hairstyles, and I am loving this kind of look, I don´t wanna sound repetitive but I love a romantic hairstyle, or any kind of romantic look, so yeah, while I´m writing this post I´m with a big smile haha, I know It sounds silly but when we have a good hair day It´s the best thing, right? I have bad hair days too, so when I have a good hair day It totally afects my mood, well I better stop trying to explain because I don´t wanna sound like a silly girl, sorry, not sorry haha. And today It´s such beautiful day here, I have a thing with Mondays, It´s a perfect day to start a new project, keep focused and to change things, in my case If I want to start something or make a new project or just start a diet I start on Monday, Hello Monday! :) Are you like me? You like to start making new projects on Monday? If so, why? You think It´s easier to stay focused on Monday or you hate Mondays? haha. Let me know what you think.

I wish you guys a great start to the week!


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2 comentários

  1. Beautiful waves dear!

  2. How pretty! Looks amazing with all your highlights as well.
    Have a Stylin' Day!
    Much Love, Karen