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Happy Monday everyone!

How was your weekend? Mine was great! Some friends came over, we had dinner and watched some movies, I love watching movies, specially romantic comedies, they are my favorite. Anyway, on today´s post we have some romantic vibes, I am totally in love with all these dresses that I´m sharing here from Muee, they are a online fashion store with amazing dresses! They have a great selection of dresses such as Beach wedding dresses, I love beach weddings! They aslo have lace wedding dresses, so beautiful, right? I am sharing on these pictures one of my favorites dresses but I´m in love with this store that It´s hard to choose just one dress haha,  I´m also sharing here some lace bridesmade dresses and vintage wedding dresses as well. This is the kind of dress that I love, for any occasion I choose dresses with romantic vibes, It´s totally my style, specially If It´s a maxi dress. Mue´s vintage prom dresses  are stunning! If you´re searching for prom dresses or formal dresses, take a look at their store, I hope you guys love It too! So this is It for today, we are starting the week with good and romantic vibes here, and like I mentioned before, I just love Monday´s! :)

I wish you all a lovely day!


* Thanks Muee for sponsoring this post

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2 comentários

  1. These dresses are a dream. So beautiful!

  2. Great styling dresses!!!! Love everything about this post!
    Have a wonderful week darling!
    Much love, Len