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1- Black and white photography, I love It! Just a regular selfie because I need to take new pictures haha. / 2- Cute flowers, via Pinterest

Hello lovelies!

I can´t believe we are having cold weather around here, It´s windy but at the same time with a beautiful sunshine day, I love It! Anyway, I was scrolling some images at my phone, searching pictures to share here with you guys but to be honest, they are all kinda old images, I think the last picture I took of myself was last month, I know, so sad haha, I´m dealing with a problem called lack of time but I guess in a couple of weeks I´ll be back on track! :) I´m with new projects for the blog, I am really excited but I need to work on my schedule to start blogging more often.

Also lately I´m kinda addicted to Pinterest, yesterday I was searching some gluten free recipes and I´ve found so many good things there, are you guys addicted to Pinterest as well? When I need some source of Inspiration I know where to go! :)

Well, just a quick post with some random thoughts, I hope you guys are having a great start to the week!


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  1. I want to join to Pinterest to. It seems interesting!