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Hello world!

It´s Thursday, almost 11 am and guess what? I´m still sleepy! I woke up 6:30 am and this is one of those days were you know you will fill sleepy and kinda tired the entire day, but no drama here, I will drink my favorite cup of tea and everything will feel alright, yes, I´m a tea lover, I know coffee would help but no thanks haha, anyways, on today´s post I´m sharing a wish list with beauty products because I love anything related to beauty, I guess all women are like this, right? But I´m that kind of girl who goes to the drugstore and the first think that comes in my mind is: ''where is the beauty section here? '' Are you familiar with this thought? If that´s not your case, Ignore this post and I won´t blame you If you won´t read It to the end haha. I´m the happiest girl on earth when I receive beauty products, from lipsticks to nail polish, in my opinion they are a must have, and lately I´m loving nude lipsticks, they are so perfect specially If you love natural looks, in this selfie that I´m sharing I´m not with a nude lipstick but I love this color, It looks like orange and earth tone, I love It! I´m a big fan of pink lipsticks but lately I´m tyring new colors and new things, As for my eyes, I am with a mix between pink and purple eyeshadow, zero eyelashes and yes, I´m with mascara on (please ignore those dark circles under my eyes haha, I will tell a little secret, this day that I took this selfie I didn´t had time to put foundation on, so I was only wearing make up on my eyes and lips). A simple make up but I just love natural looks, And If you´ve been following along you probably have noticed that I´m always changing my hair, lately I decided to wear my natural hair color, so there´s a mix between highlights and my natural color, I am loving it! :)

So here are some beauty products, make up to be specific that are on my wishlist. :)

88 Neutral - Eighty - Eight Color Eyshadow Palette/ Bright White - 6 Piece Brush Set with Cosmetic Bag/ BH Liquid Eyeliner - Black/ Bombshell Blush - Illuminating Baked Blush/ Missy Lynn Color Lock - Long Lasting Matte Lipstick

That´s It for today, I hope you guys like this post and I´ll be sharing more about make up on my next posts.

I wish you all a lovely and beautiful day!


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  1. This eyeshadow palette looks great!