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Good morning world!

I can´t believe It´s freezing here, winter is here, finally! For those of you celebrating Summer I´m happy for you but today I´m really happy to have a real winter here, It´s so cold, we are having a cloudy and windy day, the weather is perfect to spend the day with friends and family and those we love the most. While ´m writing this I´m thinking about my fiancé, he loves this weather as well and I´m really happy to have him in my life. Anyway, are you guys enjoying the week? The last post I wrote was about Summer vibes and with this weather that we are having here It makes me wanna write a post about winter vibes. :)

Well, I´m sharing this simple selfie because I love a simple make up look, even though I have glitter on this look, in other words, this is not a natural look, but at the same time It is a natural look, even though this sounds confusing but as you can see I´m keeping It simple here, just one eyeshadow, ok three eyeshadows mixed together so It looks like one, foundation, mascara and a pink lipstick, I love this shade! If this post sounds confusing please ignore haha, I guess I don´t think clearly in the mornings, I´m still kinda sleepy, but I´m so so happy with this weather, I´m already thinking in some recipes to cook that are perfect for cold days. Ok, I don´t know why I´m writing about selfies and make up and ended up talking about recipes haha, so random, I know.

And to finish this post, I´m linking some adorable nail polishes that I found on Anthropologie, I love all these shades! :)

Nail polish 1/ Nail pollish 2/ Nail polish 3/ Nail polish 4

Ok, these nail polishes are adorable, right? I hope you guys love It too and get Inspired!

Happy Wedsneday!


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8 comentários

  1. Love these colors. You have all my favorites covered.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. what great colors!

  3. Never tried this nail polish brand before! Thank you for sharing it, these shades look great!


    Tamara -

  4. The last color is amazing. Love it!

  5. Love the colors they're perfect for summer.
    And glad you're enjoying your winter!

    xo | Cindy Elena

  6. Oh I am in love with all these colors!! :)

  7. Im inspired