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Eat Cake For Breakfast Thermal Mug/ Scented Candle Light Up The Room/ Take Note Put In A Good Word Medium Notebook/ Simply Sparkling Compact Mirror

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was 6 Celsius here, soo cold! Brazil is the land of Summer but these days the weather is kinda crazy, I won´t complain because I am loving It, even though I must confess that I willl always be a Summer girl. Ok, enough talking about the weather :), today´s post I am linking these cute Items from Kate Spade, I love this Thermal Mug Eat Cake For Breakfast, so fun and cute! And scented candles are the best, right? I love scented clandles, and this one is really adorable. I love notebooks and planners as well and Kate Spade has some cute notebooks there, I want all of them haha. And to finish the list, this compact mirror is sooo cute!

 I love these Items that I´m sharing here and I hope you guys like It too!


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4 comentários

  1. Cool gift ideas! Candle is just amazing!

  2. Love Kate Spade! She really does have the most perfect gifts for girly-girl things :)

  3. Thanks for sharing, these are really great ideas.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic