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Hello everyone!

So makeup is a subject that I just love to talk about It, I mean, I just love make up! I´m far from being a professional but I love to try different looks. And I like simple looks that we can wear on a daily basis. These pictures were taken on Sunday morning, I guess a couple of weeks ago, so please ignore my sleepy face :). I have a love hate relationship with cat eyeliner, maybe It´s because I love natural looks and sometimes a winged eyeliner can be really dramatic, right? But this day the cat eyeliner saved the day, also I was wearing a nude lipstick, and to achieve this color I mixed two nude lipsticks, and I just love this shade, I always wear this lipstick on a daily basis. Are you guys like me and like to mix shades to achieve the perfect nude? Oh btw, please Ignore the background of these pictures, I was at the kitchen, what can I say? It´s a good place with natural light for pics haha.

Also I know that there´s a difference between cat eyeliner and winged eyeliner, maybe I´ll share about this topic on another post. And I love these products that I found on Asos. 

Happy Wednesday!


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5 comentários

  1. Love this look! <3

  2. Beautiful natural look!

  3. I love this natural look. Great eyeliner.
    Simera |Beautetude

  4. Ojazossssss

    Te dejo mi nuevo post, oriental vibes