My name is Priscilla, I am Brazilian born and raised here in Brazil, in my city Belo Horizonte. But since I can remember I am always traveling with my family, and I lived in the U.S when I was a kid. I had the opportunity to meet cool places and this made so passionate about learning different cultures. I speak portuguese, english and spanish, and I undersand a little bit of Italian too... Singing is my hobby, when I sing It feels my heart with joy. I always like to cheer people up, this is why you will see some Inspirational posts here as well. I have a thing with hair, I am always trying different hairstyles and I love it!

What you will see here: 
- Hairstyles
- Beauty
- Lifestyle
- Travels

I hope to inspire each and everyone of you as we walk together in this journey. Oh I almost forgot to say, I am a Sunset lover! ;)

Welcome to my page!
Priscilla Eliodoro.